Special Events

The key to a successful special event requires attention to detail. Preparing your event with the correct quantity and type of sanitation facilities is critical. Extensive research has proven that guests spend more time and money at outdoor events when proper sanitary facilities are readily available. The selection and placement of portable restrooms and hand wash sinks will impact the attendance, profitability, and guest experience at your social event.

Special Events preparations begin by evaluating the following:

  • Number of expected attendees
  • Duration of event
  • Consumption of food and / or beverages
  • Service requirements to maintain clean sanitary conditions

Our team of Special Event Advisors will work with you to plan a successful and memorable event. We can help you plan and review logistics for proper sanitation facilities, as well as placement and recommended services surrounding your event. Our reliability and consistency has earned us the reputation of delivering premium service to the special event industry.

For an expert evaluation of your portable sanitation needs please give us a call.


Construction Sites

The productivity of your work force relies on adequate sanitation facilities. Advanced Portable Rentals have a variety of products and a flexibility of services that offers any temporary construction site a solution. Regardless of the size of your work force or job site radius, Advanced Portable Rentals provides the highest level of timely service. We maintain modern sanitary equipment designed to meet the unique specifications of the construction industry. We provide restrooms that are both rugged and durable. Units may come equipped with the necessary construction accessories required as your construction site develops.

Our experienced staff can help you determine the proper number of portable restrooms and service frequencies for each job site.

Please give us a call to better evaluate your construction job site.

Advanced Portable Rentals have the resources and equipment to meet all temporary site service needs. Our mission makes APR the leader in portable sanitation.


Advanced portable toilets are an ideal solution for seasonal facilities where permanent restrooms are not available. Easy to locate in one central cluster or multiple individual locations, we offer convenience and flexibility with our variety of restroom facilities. Temporary restrooms help eliminate the costs associated with building and maintaining permanent bathroom facilities.


Parks, Athletic Fields, Schools, Pools, Beaches, Golf Courses, Campgrounds, Private Homes, Orchards, Docks, Marinas, Locks & Dams, Nurseries, Farms



Looking for a long-term solution to your portable restroom needs?

We have you covered.

In many industries and across many occasions, you’ll find yourself in need of long-term restroom facilities solutions. There are many areas that require careful consideration to ensure the proper function, cleanliness, and safety of your mobile restrooms. Thankfully, Advanced Portable Rentals offer a wide-selection of portable restroom solutions that are perfect for long-term rental use.

Our long-term rental coordinators will help you determine how many restrooms units you will need, depending on the number of uses and overall traffic. In addition, we work closely with our customers to make sure their long-term rental unit is pumped, sanitized, and re-stocked to keep your guests happy, healthy, and clean.

Advanced portable rentals offer clean, functional, and, most importantly, affordable portable restroom solutions for all types of long-term purposes. Whether you are looking for fully-contained restroom facilities for industry workers in remote locations or looking for permanent restroom solutions that will help avoid costly building remodels often required to meet compliance regulations for your public space, Advanced Portable Rentals can help secure the equipment and service required to keep your operations running smoothly.

In addition to our top-notch facilities and services, Advanced Portable Rentals helps protect our environment and keep it clean and safe. Our state-of-the-art restrooms help conserve energy and reduce waste. We utilize only a select number of environmentally-friendly portable restroom chemicals and servicing materials to help keep both our environment and people safe.

Our long-term restroom rentals are the perfect solution to your long-term mobile restroom needs. Our restrooms are not only clean, safe, environmentally-friendly and user-friendly, they are surprisingly affordable.

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