Portable Toilet (Deluxe)

Portable Toilet (Deluxe )

Our Deluxe Unit description of how awesome this would be for your event.

  • Attractive, contemporary design
  • Smooth surface inside and out for easy cleaning
  • Double side wall panel system - great for construction sites
  • Unique elliptical shaped design adds integrity, strength and interior room
  • rugged, large capacity drop tank with sloping lines keeps the tank top dry and clean

Deluxe Unit comes complete with:

  • standard toilet and side mounted fresh water sink
  • three roll toilet dispenser 7,000 sheets
  • hand sanitizing unit
  • soap disperser
  • tri fold paper towel disperser
  • two corner mounted shelves with built in cup and cell phone area
  • coat and purse hook
  • door mounted mirror (optional solar lighting)

Deluxe Unit

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