Hydro-Jetting Services

Tired of continuously having to have your drain cleared? No more auger or drain machine needed. Pipe jetting doesn't just clear a blocked line; it completely cleans out your drain. Jetting can be used to eliminate a back-up or it can be scheduled regularly for routine maintenance.

Pipe Jetting is the process of cleaning out the interior of any pipe in order to eliminate debris, sludge, scale, or build-up. Jetting of a pipe increases flow and clears hang up points that could cause back-ups in the future. A pipe can become clogged for many reasons including accumulation of grease, soap, or sludge. Jetting will clear out a drain line to a like-new condition by using water pressure to fully penetrate any blockages and clean the pipe walls.

Key Benefits of Pipe Jetting Services

  • Safe for all pipes
  • Clears blockages and fully cleans the pipe
  • Long lasting results
  • Can be routinely scheduled for preventative maintenance
  • Fast and effective

The pipe jetting is highly effective for cleaning:

  • Sewer lines & systems
  • Storm systems
  • Stack lines
  • Catch basin lines
  • Rain Leaders
  • Septic lateral fields
  • French or perimeter drains
Grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of most drain line blockagesOur high-pressure water jetting service can help you clear this sediment by:
  • Penetrating and emulsifying grease.
  • Breaking up sludge and debris.
  • Pulverizing roots.
  • Cutting out hardened scale.
  • Flushing out the system.

Cable machines are used to remove tree roots and break through solid obstructions. However, they are less effective in removing softer blockages such as grease, scale and other buildup. Cable machines will bore holes through sludge but they can't clean and push the debris out of pipes as effectively as a water jet machine.

What is Water Jetting?

High-pressure water jetting is an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe way to clean drain and sewer pipesUsing state-of-the-art pumps and flexible hoses, ordinary water is propelled under varying amounts of pressure into the sewer line. A special nozzle mounted on the end of a heavy-duty hose has an array of forward and reverse water jets, which direct extremely powerful concentrated streams of water all the way to the pipe walls. Even the toughest blockages and buildup can’t stand up to water jet machine cutting, which thoroughly cleans pipes.


Regular Water Jet Maintenance Drain Lines Flowing

Restaurants and other commercial establishments typically require frequent high-pressure water jetting to remove mineral deposits, grease buildup, sludge and debris that accumulate in the lines. Clogs can cause down time, and down time in any industry means lost customers and revenue.

Some businesses may require just one or two cleanings annually, while others benefit from monthly or quarterly cleanings. That's why many of our customers prefer to set up a scheduled program for water jetting service that keeps their drains flowing freely. A professional tech can recommend a jetting service schedule that best meets the needs of your business. Water jetting services means cleaner pipes, which means fewer service calls, less down time, overall cost savings and one less thing for you to worry about.


Septic Tank Pumping

Advanced pumping Services provide professional septic and aerobic tank pumping services throughout central Oklahoma. We pride ourselves in providing the best services in the business we are one of the few companies over the years that have invested large amounts of capital to keep up with the needs of our customers. So expect when you call on us were are going to show up with best equipment available operated by fully trained personal to solve your septic problem. Advanced pumping is Oklahoma DEQ certified and fully insured.

The function of the septic tank is to properly separate solid and liquid wastes by removing the liquids out with a field line to be brought to a nearby drain field where it will be absorbed by the surrounding soil . Over time, the remaining solid wastes will begin to accumulate and fill within the tank. Every residence or commercial property that utilizes this type of sewage management system must have it emptied out to properly function. Having the system ‘pumped’ at least every three to five years will help to ensure that the tank does not fail.


Should a septic tank become filled, human wastes will either back up into the house or property and or contaminate the drain field. The opportunity to maintain proper septic tank services is now lost. Repairing the unit then becomes the major issue that becomes expensive.

If you have any questions or are in need of expert septic tank pumping services anywhere throughout central Oklahoma contact advanced pumping services.

· Residential and commercial properties

· Septic tanks and aerobic tanks

· Lift stations

Routine septic and aerobic tank pumping is the key to maintaining a healthy system.

There is no way to avoid sludge build up, but regular servicing helps keep it at a manageable level and avoid the need for septic or aerobic repairs.

Septic and aerobic tanks must be cleaned properly and pumped on a regular basis to ensure that your system remains at a healthy liquid balance. Regular septic service pumping will help to identify potential problems that could be lurking under the surface.

Our technicians are trained to spot warning signs the home owner would not see.


We believe that maintaining your septic and aerobic system can be very simple if you follow our 3 Step Maintenance program:

Regular Septic and Aerobic Pumping Service

Several factors should be considered when deciding how often your septic tank or aerobic system needs to be serviced. You must take into account the age of the system, the number of occupants in your home, the use of a garbage disposal and the amount of laundry being done in the home. Every system is different. What is right for your system may not be right for your neighbor's. Speak with one of our technicians or call us here at advanced pumping services to discuss the appropriate frequency of septic service for you.

Bacterial Additive Products

Bacteria must be present in the septic tank or aerobic system in order to break down and digest the organic solids. Today, households use a wide range of anti-bacterial soaps, detergents and cleaning fluids. While these ordinary household products do a great job killing unwanted bacteria in your home, they also destroy beneficial bacteria that your system needs in order to function properly. In our experience, over the counter solutions are not properly formulated to meet today's septic needs.

A. To ensure consistent periodic introduction of bacteria into your system, we suggest using our patient bacterial additive boost. One self contained packet every month will be sufficient to help your system function at its best. Our bacterial additive also keeps the pipes in your home clean, destroys household plumbing odors and reduces odor in garbage disposals.

B. our patient bacterial additive is applied to your septic tank or aerobic system by your advanced pumping Technician at the time of service. Advanced pumping bacteria additive introduces enzymes intended to breakdown organic waste such as food products and grease from kitchen waste and garbage disposals. It is essentially a shock treatment for your septic tank, and true to its name it will give your tank the bacteria boost it needs to break down solids.

Septic System Filter

If your septic system was installed with a filter, it should be cleaned at every septic service. We recommend that you install a septic tank filter if you do not have one. It is an important tool that will protect your leach field by acting as a strainer, keeping the hair, grit, grime, and larger particles not yet broken down in your tank from getting out into your leach field lines. If you have a cesspool system there is no outlet tee to install a filter, so it is very important to follow the first 2 steps to maintain a healthy system.


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